Furniture Revolution Paint

Furniture Revolution superior finish furniture & kitchen paint is our own brand of paint that we use to achieve our much loved, durable and smooth finish.

The paint is smooth to apply being the consistency of double cream, creating a beautiful timeless flat finish which is admired by many.

Having tried many different paints over the years we felt that the market leaders (usually chalk paints) were not durable enough for kitchens, sometime too thick, which made it difficult to avoid brush marks, and often needed to be sealed with a wax of varnish. We felt that there must be a better paint to use, but we did not want to lose the flat finish and environmental properties that most furniture paints promised. We contacted countless suppliers and tested their paint and fortunately found a UK manufacturer that had the perfect product. After using it ourselves for a year with fantastic results they agreed to allow us to share it with the public.

We have been delighted with the responses we have received, with other professional furniture painters and amateurs coming back for more time and time again. The full colour collections can be seen below. 

Cornish Inspirations Range

Seasonal Range

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The properties of Furniture Revolution paints are;

✓ Water based: This means safe to use and easy to clean-up.

✓ Easy to apply: The paint can be applied easily with a brush, roller or even sprayed.

✓ Great coverage: Because of the consistency of the paint it does go a long way and in most circumstances 2 coats is more than ample.

✓ Fantastic adhesion qualities: We have not yet found a surface that this paint will not stick to. However, sometimes it is advisable to use a primer to increase the adhesion or prevent tannins bleeding through in to the paint. Always do a test piece first.

✓ Very durable: The paint is durable and washable which makes it ideal for kitchens and furniture.

✓ Inside & Outside: Because of the paints waterproof and flexible qualities it can also be used outside.

✓ Low odour: Some paints create an irritating smell that can last for days. This has a very low odour which is not unpleasant.

✓ It does not need to be sealed with a wax or varnish

✓ Child & pet safe

✓ Environmentally friendly

✓ Made in the UK

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