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We are very good at both. We do prefer to spray in our workshop when possible.

The doors and drawers’ fronts will be removed and painted in our dedicated workshop facility. The carcases, cornices and anything else that cannot be removed will be painted in-situ.

In short, we ensure that only the new colour will be seen when the doors and drawers are closed. How much we paint is entirely up to you. Most people opt for the cheapest option which is to paint the outside of the doors, drawers and anything else that is visible when all is closed, but we are happy to paint more.

Unless otherwise agreed, we will come and remove anything that we will be working on in our workshop. We will then remove the knobs/handles, chemically clean and scuff sand the parts that are to be painted.

Masking & Protection
We will mask and protect the area against paint splashes.             

We generally use 1 coat of a specialist primer formulated for the surface we are painting, followed by 2 top coats of your chosen colour.

Unless otherwise agreed, we will come and refit anything that we have taken away. We will then re-fit the knobs/handles and do any snagging to complete your project.  

Yes you can while we do the work and after, but with care for the first week while the paint cures hard.

Usually Monday to Monday

We use water-based paints as much as possible, and one of the many benefits is that they have very little or no odour.

We use water-based paints as much as possible, and one of the many benefits is that they are safe for children, pets and the planet.

Yes, there is a small discount if you wish to remove the doors & drawer fronts yourself. Please  contact us first.

Our stock paint has an almost flat matt finish. However, we can get glosses and other finishes.

We hold stock of 20 colours, but we can get almost any colour. Please get in touch for more information. 

Yes you can, but we will need to know in advance. If we have to fill and sand the original holes and drill new holes there is an additional charge, unless you buy the handles from us.

No, if it involves using paint we can do almost anything from walls to furniture and more.

We do not currently offer this service.


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